Destiny: Does it matter?

Destiny means the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future. But if your eventual destination is fixed, then everything that happens in our life is fixed, to eventually lead us to a destiny. That includes not just our success but also our failures. Should we blame destiny for […]

Courage; can it be measured?

Courage is an interesting term. You have too much of it then you are foolish and too less of it then you are a coward. So what is the right amount? What exactly does it means to be courageous? Well there’s no one true answer to it. Each have their own perspectives which might be right […]

Love; What is it?

Love, a word one could never fully describe. That is because love has more to do with what you feel then what you say. Love is shapeless, timeless, it has no boundaries, no confinement. It just spreads to lengths you allow it to, and it keeps on spreading with even more with no end.  Love […]

After Effects

‚ÄčEvery disease has side effects still they can be cured but every catastrophe has after effects which are inescapable. Catastrophe mentioned here refers to what one is hit with if some misfortune separates them from their loved ones or some special person they loved more than anyone. Just like any catastrophe, man is completely disintegrated […]

Some Time to Feel

Life is a race they say but do we in this long and straining life, give ourselves the much needed time to at least feel certain emotions that make us feel better. With the world speeding up,we are running with it just like the others, to achieve something or to just reach somewhere. We are […]

30 Days to Live

Well the title might sound a bit weird to some but today I am going to explain you something i call the 30 days to live principle. What is life. A mix of an unchangeable past, the present and an uncertain future. We humans have certain tendencies. We are either too held up with the […]