A Drop called Tear

Its hard not to cry sometimes isn’t it.

Its funny how a little drop which melts from an eye can tell so much. How there is a beauty in the way it trickles its way down one’s cheek. How it shows the gigantic amount of pain in just its little quantity. Tear is the most beautiful drop in the world.

A tear is magnificent. It houses secrets and stories which one cannot fully share with another. Its the feelings which cannot be copied and pasted. Its feelings thats are unquantifiable and pure.

I still wonder why in this world of practicality and logic, humans still have this historic defence mechanism to ease of the pressure build up of pain. Its hard to explain how leaking a few drops of water from our eyes can settle the storm inside. Funny how a few drops can allow you to settle the sea inside.

I dont think people give due credit to tears. Tears are what allows a person to embrace his sadness and allow himself to find some peace. It gives peace and allows us to find some comfort of settlement after we suffer from a disaster. It does so many wonderful things yet people say don’t cry.

I say it’s ok to cry only if you allow those tears to give you comfort and peace and not for drowning in thoughts that arent beneficial. Let tears settle you and give you warmth of emotional relief. Dont use them as a reason to inflict more damage to yourself by over thinking what deserves no thought.

Let tears be the natural therapy to cure the emotional blockage. Let it be what its meant to do. It’s ok to cry. It’s ok to let down some tears. Don’t care about this world. Just care about yourself.


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