Universally Brozoned

A year ago I invented the term ‘Universally Brozoned’ and it was purely out of frustration. Today i address to my fellow good guys who ended up being The BRO because of their good nature.

So let’s start, actually it took me quite some time to understand what exactly did i do so wrong to earn such tag so many times but finally i did unlock this mystery.

It was simple, i was a good guy who respected, cared and supported friends through good and bad times. It looks so good on paper right. I mean every girl would write those qualities when asked about the perfect guy. But my fellow brozoned brothers please do not, i repeat, do not fall for this. Its just like the those fairness advertisements.

It isnt what it seems. I dont know whether its instinctive or something but just like the golgappe wala guy gives an extra puri and gets a thank you Bhaiya in return, we too pay the same for giving extra of the good things.

I think the girls have this demarcation that there is one position for a boyfriend who may or may not give a damn about her and then whoever else cares for her falls into the brozoned category because brothers care more then friends. But why dont they get it that if a guy cares for you then it may be out of genuine respect and affection that would be normally found in friendship. Pehle friendzone bas nahi tha jo brozone aagaya. Friendzone is usually hated most by the guys who thought they had a chance with a girl in future but apart from those guys can’t the other boys earn the right to be just normal friends. Why brothers? If the guy is willingly and vocally participative in this brother thing then its ok. But why for free. We love things that come for free but not this.

Boys are usually simple beings who are not so complicated. Some innocent enough to crush on someone and take real care of them only to hear bro and fall into the pit of darkness forever. Dil ke armaan aansuo mai beh gaye feelings arise. Poor souls those are. Thankfully i didnt go to such level.

I dont understand what’s wrong in friendship. Not every guy is looking for a relationship but the girls just brozone for precaution basis in case the guy just mighttttttt be slightlyyyyy interested. Its a guess game in which they are pretty bad at. You know if a guy is not bro tagged and is actually a nice guy then a girl might possibly have a future with them but the tag just frustrates and eventually disconnects these good guys apart. Why just why?

So good guys brozoned wale ppl, just stay the same but make sure you somehow avoid the tag. If someone has actually found a way to do this then email me. I need it. I sooo need it.

Note: Whoever liked the blog do not need to read this following thing and who got offended please read. This blog is meant for comedic purpose. Please my fellow feminists dont take this seriously. I respect girls and i have two friends who i genuinely consider my sisters. I aint some devdas. I may not have meant all whats written but i do think there is beauty in friendship which few people spoil with these tags. So live life make friends dont impose such tags and have a friend as your brother or sister if they wish the same too. Be happy and Raksha Bandhan is coming so advance greeting to all brother sisters and also to the friends who become brothers sisters. Its a beautiful bond and lets keep it that way. Cheers.


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