12 Angry Men

I don’t do reviews but this was a special case. This movie, by god this movie is something. Thank god i didnt see any trailer or read any description about this film before I watched it because it could have spoilt it for me.

Its surprising really that a movie almost shot in one single room and clicking at a an hour and 36 minutes climbed its way into my top 3 favourites of all time.

This movie is an experience, it needs to be watched uninterrupted, undisturbed to truly enjoy it and respect it. Its been some time since i watched it but i still am in that zone. The movie has left its mark. Casablanca and The Shawshank Redemption, these were the rare movies that left me with a feeling like this one. 

The setting couldn’t be simpler yet as the plot progresses it blossoms like a flower, and just like that its a treat to watch. I won’t give even the slighest of hint about the story but would assure you that if you watch this masterpiece uninterrupted, you will feel in a way you cannot define but will feel a sense of fulfillment like none other.

12 Angry Men is truly in its faithful description ‘A Masterpiece’.


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