Destiny: Does it matter?

Destiny means the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future.

But if your eventual destination is fixed, then everything that happens in our life is fixed, to eventually lead us to a destiny. That includes not just our success but also our failures.

Should we blame destiny for our mistakes, saying it was meant to happen? Can we accept the fact that all our sadness was always meant to come our way? Can we give up the concept of pursuing anything saying if it is meant to come it will surely come? 

These questions directly state that if destiny is fixed than we get lazy, complacent, monotonous etc. We are just accepting everything without the thought that we can change it. This takes away our freedom in a way.

So does it mean destiny isnt a thing? 

I wouldn’t be able to give a judgement on that, I am alas just a human. But i like to think of destiny as a variable factor in our motivation. One could tell a little boy that you are destined for greatness and he might just work hard all his life in order to make that true. We can tell our loved one that we were destined to be together and they have a feeling of accomplishment.

What i am saying is that Destiny is an easy target for people to blame their failures on. Thats not right. Some unseen future does not take away your freedom of choice. You can be anyone and do anything. Destiny could motivate you but in the end YOU make your life the way it is, YOU make your own destiny.


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