Courage; can it be measured?

Courage is an interesting term.

You have too much of it then you are foolish and too less of it then you are a coward.

So what is the right amount? What exactly does it means to be courageous?

Well there’s no one true answer to it. Each have their own perspectives which might be right in their own way. But personally i think there’s a very simple answer to that. I think courage is all about doing something what you feel is right, regardless of any other factor. Its taking a step, taking a stand, and being adamant on it.

A soldier is brave and so is a 4 year old boy who stands in front of his sister when other boys try to tease her.

A man is courageous when he takes a stand for something he gets laughed upon, and so is the man who drops a tear to show his love for somebody he might lose.

Courage has many uncountable forms. It cannot be quantified, or measured or compared accurately or even closely.

The boy and soldier might be equally courageous, who knows, but its not something only few have, courage can be found in anyone who is willing to take a step when he can choose not to. Its that simple choice which can change the course of things, a simple step that can influence an outcome.

So are you courageous? Dont answer it, just make sure you do what you feel is right and be adamant about it, even if the world shuns you for it. Take that step, choose to act and be somebody and not just anybody. Take the step and be brave.


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