Love; What is it?

Love, a word one could never fully describe.

That is because love has more to do with what you feel then what you say.

Love is shapeless, timeless, it has no boundaries, no confinement. It just spreads to lengths you allow it to, and it keeps on spreading with even more with no end. 

Love can make everything seem so easy, suddenly everything seems possible, suddenly you muster courage to do things you would never dare to do, suddenly the world losses all its ugly truth, everything somehow develops a remarkable beauty in them.

Everything from the biggest of mountains to the smallest of ants seem to convey one message to you, that is to just keep on loving what you love, to live on with that amazing feeling.

Time is jealous of love, in love it sees a villain because love has the power to make time completely worthless. 

Love can make you believe in things the rational mind would easily disapprove. In things you know aren’t real but when in love, it just doesn’t matter, its magical and you wouldn’t want it in any other way.

Love, its not just a word, its a whole beautiful story all in itself. 


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