Living Happily

Often when people ask me what famous personality i want to be like i do not have an answer. I used to want to be like Shahrukh Khan or maybe even Sherlock Holmes but with time i have understood that being great may or may not be in my fate but being good is totally […]

A Drop called Tear

Its hard not to cry sometimes isn’t it. Its funny how a little drop which melts from an eye can tell so much. How there is a beauty in the way it trickles its way down one’s cheek. How it shows the gigantic amount of pain in just its little quantity. Tear is the most […]

Universally Brozoned

A year ago I invented the term ‘Universally Brozoned’ and it was purely out of frustration. Today i address to my fellow good guys who ended up being The BRO because of their good nature. So let’s start, actually it took me quite some time to understand what exactly did i do so wrong to […]

12 Angry Men

I don’t do reviews but this was a special case. This movie, by god this movie is something. Thank god i didnt see any trailer or read any description about this film before I watched it because it could have spoilt it for me. Its surprising really that a movie almost shot in one single […]

Some Days

Some days even a smiling mask comes off, Some days even a joker earns his time for tears, Some days even the jolly turns into the saddened, Some days even the chaplins become depressed, Some days even the untiring efforts become tiring, Some days even the bright teeths get covered in a few drops, Some […]

Destiny: Does it matter?

Destiny means the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future. But if your eventual destination is fixed, then everything that happens in our life is fixed, to eventually lead us to a destiny. That includes not just our success but also our failures. Should we blame destiny for […]

Courage; can it be measured?

Courage is an interesting term. You have too much of it then you are foolish and too less of it then you are a coward. So what is the right amount? What exactly does it means to be courageous? Well there’s no one true answer to it. Each have their own perspectives which might be right […]