Life is not just about happiness

If we were always happy then life would lose its interest. Its our quest to find it that makes life worthwhile. Its the things we do and experiences we go through that gives us memories to keep and things to learn from. We grow, we become stronger, we adapt and evolve only because life is […]

News isnt real anymore

“If you don’t read the news you’re uninformed. If you do read it you’re misinformed.” This quote from the talented Denzel Washington tells a lot about the state of news everywhere. Fake, manipulated and misinterpreted news is in great circulation today and its destroying the integrity of what news and media were meant to be. […]

Chopped Trees

Past was kind once. It was promising once. It granted hope in return for care. But when has fate been kind to us sinners. Evolution got transfused with destruction and we welcomed it with open arms. We became a symbiote for the virus of our own doom. And it wasnt just the neighbourhood or the […]

I Live Inside My Head

Its amazing when you can juggle your way to living in between two worlds. I though am biased towards the one inside my head. A man cannot be completely ignorant of his reality or else his survival is at risk. He has to pay attention to what goes on around him and adapt to live […]

Relationships are dogshit

Yes you read that right. Relationships are dogshit. It is a complete waste of precious time and energy which could be used to better this world but no, we humans aren’t going to be logical here. No way. We will waste it all and be freaking proud about it. Its like relationships are a hell […]

I am the odd one out

As one of my friend eloquently says it to me, “you are an alien among us” and funnily i have never disagreed with him on the countless times he said it. I think I am an odd nut. I am normal sane person but I never really fit in anywhere. I aint unique or special. […]

My World

Do I need earphones to be lost in another world? Do I need a screen or maybe a room? Do I even need to close my eyes? Well no I dont need anything. I live in this world and my world together. Why cant they co-exist? My eyes show me the plain walls of this […]